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.Net Web Control for

This is the home to the open source .Net Web Control to display links from

Setting up with your .Net site is very simple, everything is contained within one DLL and a section in your web.config
  • Dowloand the DLL and add to you bin directory.
  • Register the DLL in your .Net page
<%@Register TagPrefix="ABLC" Namespace="ABLC" Assembly="AutoBackLinkControl" %>
  • Add the Web Control to your .Net page
<ABLC:AutoBackLinks runat="server" id="abl"></ABLC:AutoBackLinks>
  • Add the following to the <configSections> of your web.config
<section name="AutoBackLinkConfig" type="ABLC.AutoBackLinkConfigHandler"/>
  • Add the following within the configuration section of your web.config
<AutoBackLinkConfig accountNumber="YOUR ACCOUNT NUMBER" cacheTime="CACHE TIME IN MINUTES" debugMode="TRUE OR FALSE" httpRequestTimeout="TIMEOUT FOR GETTING LINKS FROM IN MILLISECONDS" versionNo="2.3"/>

Recommended defaults for settings are as follows:
  • cacheTime="1440"
  • debugMode="false"
  • httpRequestTimeout="15000"

Full source code and sample projects available.

All comments and feedback welcome.

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